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  • SPH CATS Classified - Pets Corner - Fun Sports Singapore

    National Day Walk-A-Dogtion with Guest of Honor: PM Lee

  • Official Dog Trainer for Annie the Musical at Marina Bay Sands

    Official dog trainer for Annie the musical at Marina Bay Sands, July 2012

  • Guest Appearance at the Cesar Milan Live in Singapore Show

    6 years old Isaac Wong, Guest appearance in Cesar Milan show, June 2012

  • Waggie Chinese New Year Celebration 2012

    The original StarHub Sparky

  • Waggie with MediaCorp Filming with Dogs

    Our dogs in TV commericials for Alpo & Pet Lovers Centre

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Official Dog Trainer Singapore

    Sheppi in MaxCoil TVC

  • Patrick Wong with Waggie and David Copperfield Singapore

    Official dog trainer for David Copperfield & HK pop star Sally Yeh

  • SPH CATS Classified - Pets Corner - Fun Sports Singapore

    Our obedience competition

  • SPH CATS Classified - Pets Corner - Fun Sports Singapore

    Our dogs with Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar


Dog Training Singapore

It is really exciting to finally get that dog you have been wishing for. You can just imagine how much fun you will have as soon you take him home with you. But of course, caring for a dog is not all fun and games, especially when he starts to chew on upholstery, your living room carpet and when he starts to make a mess in the kitchen or worse your bedroom! When all these start to happen, you may want to think about how and when you should begin your dog training.

Puppies, as soon as they’re born have the instincts to start learning things on their own. However, if they have not been supervised and trained to be pets, then their future owners will definitely have a difficult time. Of course their training will also depend on his owner – which means that you should also be the one to gauge as to whether or not he is ready for an informal stay home dog training or he should be enrolled in a formal obedience centre for a proper dog training.

About Waggies dog training... where star dogs are born

Waggies was established in 1985. Our trained dogs are very prominent in TV productions, stage performances & musicals as well as press, magazines and TV commercials.

We have worked with many world renowned celebrities like the dog whisperer Cesar Milan, Hong Kong pop star Sally Yeh, bollywood super star Akshay Kumar and magician David Copperfield.

Our TVC projects include "StarHub", "XinMSN", "Osim" & world class musicals "Annie", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", "Oliver" and many more.

Looking for a reliable dog training school in Singapore? Contact us today at 64631066.

Singapore Dog Training
Dog training for the musical - “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”

Dog Trainer - Patrick Wong

Patrick, owner of Waggies, the most acclaimed dog trainer in Singapore with a portfolio that no other dog trainers can match. He has more than 30 years of experience in conducting obedience training classes of all levels which meet international competition standards. He has coached countless students towards Dog Obedience competitions, with many winning accolades such as "Obedience Dog of the Year" & "Utility Dog of the Year" titles since 1987. A handful of students who were inspired by his passion have gone professional as well.

Patrick is also the most sought-after "Star Animal" trainer in local media. His trained dogs are very prominent in TV productions, stage performances & musicals as well as press, magazines and TV commercials.

Dog Trainer Singapore
Our dog trainer with Cesar Milan
Dog Trainer
Our dog trainer with David Copperifield

Dog Obedience Training

Patrick advocates a good set of dog training method that is efficient and effective. The dog obedience training class teaches dog owners to understand the fundamentals of a dog's behaviour and therefore bonds with their canine friend better. On a lighter side of things, the dog training session also allows your furry companion to socialise with other dogs in the class.

Dog obedience training is especially important in a multi-racial country like Singapore. Dogs need to be trained in order to be socially acceptable in public places. Dog training is no longer for people who just wanted to have a well behaved dog, it is now an almost essential part of owning a pet dog in Singapore.

Watch our dog training video below, this is taken 'live' from our 10 weeks basic obedience training classes

Basic dog training, what can your dog acheived after a 10 weeks course?

This video shows the progression in basic obedience course from lesson 1 to lesson 10.

Our Trained Dogs In TV Commercials

3 of our Border Collies: Sheppi, Rascal and Happi are chosen to perform in XINMSN TV commercial. Click to play!
Jojo (jack russell terrier) was featured in this TV commercial for Ikea. This TVC has won many international awards including "Most Creative" and "Most Humorous" awards.
Tracy (jack russell terrier) was featured in the popular StarHub TV commercial that brought smiles all over Singapore. Do you still remember this advertisement?
Budi (Bulldog) and Skipper (Boxer) singing in this M1 TV commercial. Play it and have a good laugh!

All dogs in this website are trained in Waggies under the instructions of Patrick.
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